BarreFlow® for Rotterdam, Schenectady, and Albany, NY

Your New Way To Get Fit

Improve your body, feel better than ever, and reach new fitness heights with BarreFlow® at Average Joe’s Fitness, where we serve the Rotterdam, Schenectady, and Albany, New York area.

Why BarreFlow® is Special

BarreFlow® is an energetic workout that consists of different elements of yoga, barre fitness, classic strength training, and pilates, with the end goal of giving a practitioner increased strength, flexibility, and stamina.

It’s Only 45 Minutes

Best of all, our BarreFlow® classes last only 45 minutes. It’s as great for your body and mind, as it is for your schedule.

Try It Out

You can try out BarreFlow® at Average Joe’s even if you’re not a member. Our cost is $10 per class for non-members. If you are interested in joining our gym, you’re welcome to take a tour of our facility!

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