Reap the Rewards of the Average Joe’s Franchise

Are You A Person Who Loves To Take On Challenges?

Do you want to start working for yourself? Do you want to make more money? Average Joe’s Fitness wants to hear from you!

The Average Joe’s Advantage

We’d like to present ourselves as an opportunity for people who want to enter the fitness market, but need an angle to be competitive against other gyms. This is what makes us different from other gyms:

  • An Affordable Club Atmosphere – Your gym will be affordable and exclusive. It won’t be a “big-box” gym that’s too crowded, but it won’t be so costly that only a few people will want to join up. It’ll be the comfortable medium that can maximize profits for you.
  • Tons of Different Classes – Routine gets boring, and we’re always offering new classes that can bring in new customers, and act as a retention opportunity to keep current clients happy.
  • High End / Unique Equipment – Your guests will be able to benefit from a combination of reliable and exciting new fitness equipment when they visit your gym. They’ll tell your friends about how different you are, and this will help you sell more memberships.

Want to Bulk Up Your Bank Account? Let’s Talk

Building up your finances is just as important as building up your body at the gym. Want to hear a little more about how we can help you bulk up your bank account? Call us at 518-377-5637.

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